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childcare daycare kindy 20 hours FREE maths teaching Vicky Lumsden Montessori 3-6 founder

Vicky Lumsden Montessori 3-6 Founder & Service Provider - leads and coaches the Team

Manaakitanga Montessori and The Montessori Infant Community were two parent led playgroups I founded in 2008 & 2009 with parents from my antenatal group, Plunket and Playcentre. I wanted Te Reo Māori and Spanish as part of a child's day so they could hear, understand and speak languages other than just English. I cashed in my superannuation and retrained in Early Childhood in 2010 and completed the inagural AMI Montessori theory audit through MMEF. On April 1st 2011 I took over the lease of the scout hall and we opened 4 months later on August 1st. I love Montessori 3-6 and am proud of the opportunities we provide for children, their families and our teaching team through Trilingual Montessori Education. We continue to make improvements through self review as we respond to the changing needs of our children, families, teaching team and wider community.

Vicky is both Primary and Early Childhood trained. Her roles have been as a teacher in bilingual, immersion and transition classrooms and as a teaching principal in private and rural settings. She was the founding teacher of the first bilingual Montessori Primary Class in Aotearoa which opened in Rotorua back in 2000. Vicky is passionate about alternative education and has undertaken further Montessori and Steiner study and enjoys learning. She is a political advocate for more families having access to Montessori education for their children. In 2013 she was the first Montessorian to apply to the government to create a charter school "Montessori 6-12" which would allow children to continue their Trilingual Montessori Education for free. Vicky is committed to continuing to make Montessori affordable and accessible in the Bay with a 2020 vision inclusive of other cultures and languages. In 2015 she attended the course for Diverse Needs run by Sue Larkey from Australia and completed the 5 out of 5 Ministry of Education leadership modules in Rotorua.  She participated in Ko Awatea with Amy and Jan in 2016 and attended a course run by the head of Autism NZ.  Vicky coaches the team with their leadership roles and 90 day appraisal goals and works behind the scenes keeping up-to-date with government requirements, arranging professional development and managing finances.  She has the most fun when she is teaching children in English, Te Reo or Spanish and is rewarded when she sees the progress of the children as they achieve goals and the growth of the team.  Vicky loves hosting the Montessori community for their annual cultural events that represent the children enrolled such as Chinese New Year, Japanese Children's Day, Matariki, Independence Day of Peru, Diwali and is looking forward to adding an Egyptian event to the 2017 calendar.
childcare daycare kindy 20 hours FREE maths teaching

Jan Marrington - Primary & ECE Qualified Teacher & Person Responsible - leads Maths

"I chose to work at Montessori 3-6 because I enjoy working with young children and like the Montessori philosophy. It lets me teach them things instead of just caring for them. I enjoy interacting with the children in the outside environment and seeing them learn through nature."
Jan is a founding member of our teaching team and attended Montessori training courses in Wellington in 2011, Masterton in 2012 and Auckland in 2013. Her passion is Maths and she leads this curriculum area. She is our "in house" Hire a Hubby does everything from teaching our children carpentry, to building gardening boxes and creating rainbow gardens with them to making volcanoes and their names in the sandpit. Every spring each child grows their own sunflower from seed and with Jans help and lots of manure we return in the New Year to see Russian Skyscrapers taller than our fence. In 2014 Jan took on additional non-contact administrative work and is responsible for online data entry to the Minsitry of Education through their new ELI portal which tracks children and their attendance. In 2015 Jan completed her 4th Aperfield Book and  in 2016 has completed the Ministerial Module. She will participate in more face to face training and  sit exams in Christchurch in 2017.  Jan has overall responsibility for our children that are fulltime like her and the progress of every child in Maths.  She is great with computers and creates the wonderful invitations for events and makes the personalised invitations with children for their Discovery Journeys every term.  She also manages the photos we get printed every week for the photo albums each child creates with the various members of the team. 
Dinah - Qualified Primary & Montessori ECE Teacher

Dinah - Qualified Primary & Montessori ECE Teacher - leads Literacy & Prep for School

Montessori Teacher
Dinah started out as a Montessori parent when she enrolled her daughter at Gisborne Montessori. She was a trained primary teacher who then did her Montessori training and retrained as an Early Childhood Teacher. Dinah worked at Gisborne Montessori for 10 years and completed her Aperfield Montessori Diploma in 2012 before joining Montessori 3-6, Napier in 2013. She has since completed the Incredible Years course for Positive Guidance with children and attended the National Montessori conference in Tauranga. Dinah has overall responsibility for Literacy and Prep for School as our team look for ways to improve our practice. Dinah works five days and her current strengths are in the Practical Life and Sensorial areas of the Montessori curriculum which lay the foundation for concentration, coordination and independence.  She leads our Oral Language development programme with sounds, tracing and word association with our children that participate in News each day after lunch.  Dinah has recently done a great job updating our assessment systems to help make monitoring progress more efficient.
Amy Reti - leads Te Reo @ Montessori 3-6, Napier

Amy Reti - leads Te Reo @ Montessori 3-6, Napier

Maori Language Assistant
Amy came to Montessori 3-6 in 2012 as a Workforce Student for her final placement. She was very keen to learn and very coachable so was offered the position Māori Language Assistant. In January 2013 she was awarded a Māori scholarship through Aperfield to start her Montessori Diploma and is now completing Book 3. Amy has attended an immersion Kura Reo with Vicky run by Te Taura Whiri, The Māori Language Commission and this year participated in her family wananga at their marae at Tangoio.  Amy is great at keeping families informed of the work their child is doing and sharing with families how to pronounce our "Word of the Week". We are proud that Amy has completed her first two years of study with Te Rito Maioha and will graduate at the end of 2017. Vicky supports Amy with her studies towards her Bachelor of Education and Montessori Diploma. Amy leads Te Reo & Waiata and continues to extend her Reo with night classes at EIT. She has participated in Ko Awatea with Vicky over the next eighteen months.  Amy is great with transitioning new families and children Not Yet 3.  She does a fantastic job building the self confidence of every child to stand up and introduce themselves in Te Reo.  Our children love learning new karakia, himene and waiata with Amy and are often heard singing away throughout the day and at home.
Spanish Languages bilingual trilingual special needs

Ana Silvia - leads Spanish and creates annual Fiestas @ Montessori 3-6, Napier

Native Spanish Language Assistant
Ana Silvia is a qualified early years teacher in Peru with a further degree in education and a Masters in learning difficulties. She is so popular our children run to give her hugs when she arrives in the mornings, one child even calls her Nanny Silvia. Children are free to work with her indoors and outdoors so she floats between both environments. Ana Siliva introduces games and singing and dancing in Spanish to the class on Tuesday mornings at 9am and in the afternoons from 4.30pm. Ana Silvia spent two weeks completing face to face Montessori training in Masterton in 2014. She attends weekly team meetings to help develop her English and understanding of New Zealand documents with the intention of passing her English exams in 2017. She has also started her Montessori Diploma through Aperfield Montessori.
Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur - creates and leads our annual Diwali Celebrations

Montessori Assistant
Manpreet started at Montessori 3-6 as a Workforce student in 2014 and loved the Montessori maths materials as she has a Maths degree from India. She enrolled her son us and then her daughter when she was old enough. In 2015 Montessori 3-6 gave her a scholarship to undertake her Montessori studies with Aperfield. She works part-time as our Montessori assistant whilst she continues her Montessori studies. In 2016 Montessori 3-6 sponsored her continued study with Montessori Literacy and Numeracy for Book 2.  In January Manpreet, Vicky and Jan went to Auckland to a Literacy Materials Making Workshop to learn from AMI trainer Cheryl Ferreira from London.  Once Manpreet passes her English exams she will complete a one year Post Graduate Early Childhood qualification.

Karen Hampton - Qualified ECE Teacher - lead teacher for afternoons

Karen met the team @ Montessori 3-6 back in 2012 when she was the Early Childhood lecturer for Workforce. She visited Amy as part of her course and did the same with other students in 2013 and with Manpreet in 2014. Prior to lecturing Karen worked in Steiner education for over a decade. Karen joined our team in 2016 and then attended the National MANZ conference with Vicky in Hamilton and enrolled in her Montessori Diploma with Aperfield and the Incredible Years course with the Ministry of Education to learn about social and emotional coaching. Karen brings her artistic talents to the teaching team and has been introducing felting to our children and creating great resources that follow the children's interests. She works 5 afternoons and has overall responsibility for the albums and curriculum progress for children participating in our 20 hours FREE programme from 1.30 to 5.30pm daily.  

Karen has said:
 "I enjoy the close, supportive teaching team and how we as teachers are provided with learning opportunities and working closely with families helping to support their aspirations for their children. I love the way children respond to learning and how we are able to work one on one with each of the children, supported by the very high teacher/child ratios. I like seeing the children learn new skills in practical life, numeracy and literacy and seeing how the child's achievements light up their face. I like listening to the children as they learn Te Reo and Spanish and they in turn correct my pronunciation and the confidence in the way they do this is priceless."

Vicki Thomson - Qualified ECE Teacher - leads our morning programme

Vicki has been teaching in Early Childhood in Napier and Christchurch for over 8 years.  She enrolled her son who is not yet 3 earlier in the year and joined our teaching team in July just in time to join Karen in the 6 month training programme called Incredible Years.  Vicki loves the outdoors and works with families and children to create goals that support the development of physical skills and co-ordination. Vicki completed her full First Aid course before starting and attended the Prevention of Sexual Abuse Education training in Hastings.  She recently attended Professional Development at Pettigrew Arena and the book launch of a great book we have added to our Parent Library that is helping parents realise the importance of movement and how they can support their children at home.  Vicki  also attended a course at Taiwhenua, Hastings for the Treaty of Waitangi and the United Nations Rights of Children along with Vicky, Jan, Amy and Ana Silvia.  She has added to Fun on Fridays and is making Rewana Bread with our children each week until Christmas.  

Vicki said " I enjoy being at Montessori 3-6 working alongside our children, watching them learn and grow.  Our three hour work cycle is a great opportunity for me to work one to one with the children and build close, meaningful relationships.  I love the multicultural atmosphere here at Montessori 3-6 and the cultural gatherings that we have for the children, families and teachers to all come together.  My passions are the outdoor environment, art, baking and music.


Primary Trained New Entrant Teacher & Reliever
“I chose to be part of Montessori 3-6 because as a Primary trained educator I admire Maria Montessori’s philosophy which is still relevant in today’s world. The children are extremely well prepared for future learning. I love working at Montessori 3-6 because the programme for the children is highly individualised with clear guidelines. It gives them the opportunity to learn independence and problem solving and involves them in progressive literacy and numeracy skills. It is very rewarding to see the children develop in a happy, nurturing learning environment.”

Marie was an assistant principal before joining Montessori 3-6. She had years of experience as a New Entrant teacher and in mixed age Junior classrooms and excels in engaging children in literacy work. In 2012 she completed the foundation Montessori study through Aperfield. Marie also has a passion for art and has been part of the team since before we opened painting our family tree which is now adorned with our growing Montessori community. Marie retired in 2014 and now has time to focus on her Art whilst still relieving for us to allow our teachers to attend Professional Development.
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