"...I feel so enscouraged by Amy's progress and only wish she had started in Montessori earlier" Laura Jeffares 24/11/2014

"I think it's a wonderful environment with a great group of teachers, making Montessori affordable. I look at my children and see happy, confident, glowing little people. They learn so much here and it's a wonderful start and foundation for their life." Kere Hammond, Mother of Two

"Trilingual aspect, felt down to earth, nice indoor/outdoor flow, range of stimulus, social interaction, confidence, manners, more order/structure given, focus on work and learning." Carly Robinson, Social Responsibility GM, Fonterra
"Children learn and develop at their own pace, the growth in the first two weeks was amazing. Children are nurtured and helped to develop skills in a fun, creative way. Communication between parents and teachers is fantastic." Gabrielle Kupa, Graphic Design Student, EIT
"My son showed a lot of interest in numbers and letters and I wanted to encourage this. Montessori, with qualified teachers, ensures that he continues to enjoy these things while still doing the normal pre-school activities. Montessori provides a warm environment for my son where he gets to work on his skills in a fun, enjoyable way. Montessori still allows the kids to be kids but looks for learning opportunities while he plays. I believe my child will be more prepared for school when he turns five, having got more used to routine and have a higher level of reading and numbers because of the Montessori style of teaching." Justin Andrews, Computer Technician & Primary Teacher Trainee 
"Teachers that care about learning, lots of different learning items, learning with play together, learning about English, Spanish and Maori, showing progress in learning, calm place to learn, informative teachers. The teachers really care about the children. There is clear progress with learning, happy environment to learn and grow, getting feedback about our son. Learning in a positive place, in many ways." Bryan Smith, Duty Manager
"My daughter Amy came to Montessori at age 5. She had a genetic condition which means she has a developmental delays and struglles to learn at the same rate as her peers. Because of this I felt that she wasn't ready for a mainstream school environment, Vicky agreed to take Amy on board for a final year before starting school. Amy has now been at Montessori for 6 months and I cannot believe the progress she has made. The one to one attention she recieves, as well as the ability to learn at her own pace and in ways which interest and excite her have meant that in a very short space of time her learning and understanding has vastly improved. The patience and attentiveness of the staff fosters a positive environment that also means she is learning ina fun, supportive and stress free way. Before Amy began at Montessori she only recognised the letter "A" - identifying it as part of her name. She now constantly surprises me by pointing out letters in books and signs etc that she can identify. I feel so encouraged by Amy's progress and only wish she had started in Montessori earlier. Laura Jeffares, Parent
"That was great to do, news is an excellent platform for confidence in public speaking. Great to know you can pop in at anytime." Campbell Leckie, HB Regional Council
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